Quality - the heart of our company


Furniture Locks

JuNie offers a wide product range of furniture locks: from innvative system solutions such as ILS, Furore and PZ to traditional mortise locks, inlet type locks and surface mounted locks.

Locks for industry

JuNie has a big range of standard products suitable for industry ranging from cam locks to removable locking inserts. Our engineers develop also custom-made locking solutions in order to secure automats, windows, vending machines and many more products.

Electronic locks

JuNie is official dealer of Digilock, one of the global leading manufacturer of electronic locks for furniture. 

Fitness clubs, health centres, baths, sports facilities, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, museums or offices: electronic locks simplify locking in many areas. Codes or RFID credentials replace the traditional key and offer more comfort and security.