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Electronic locks

JuNie is official dealer of Digilock, one of the global leading manufacturer of electronic locks for furniture. 

Fitness clubs, health centres, baths, sports facilities, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, museums or offices: electronic locks simplify locking in many areas. Codes or RFID credentials replace the traditional key and offer more comfort and security. 



Next Axis keypad

Keypad lock in new design. Administration by keys or app.


Next Axis RFID

Electronic RFID lock in different designs, compatible to all Mifare transponders

Next Cue

Compact electronic keypad lock with robust motorized lock case

Next Sola

Electronic cam lock key managed or code managed


numeris Aspire

Keypad and RFID locks with motorized deadlock or latch lock case

numeris Versa

Small Keypad and RFID cam locks for furniture, artistically engineered to enhance any environment


Noke Padlock

Noke Bluetooth Padlock - the smart padlock you unlock with your phone

No key - no problem