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Keypad locks in product line Next are especially suitable for areas with different users: lockers in fitness clubs and swimming pools, open workspaces in offices, patient cabinets in hospitals, storage lockers in retail.


In shared use functionality, the user chooses an available storage unit and operates it with a self-selected credential (code, RFID credential or key). Once the storage unit is vacated, it becomes available for a different user.

In assigend use functionality, one access credential (code, RFID credential or key) can be assigned to operate a lock. The user unlocks with an assigend user credential and closes the door to automatically relock.

Next Axis keypad

Keypad lock in new design. Administration by keys or app.


Next Axis RFID

Electronic RFID lock in different designs, compatible to all Mifare transponders

Next Cue

Compact electronic keypad lock with robust motorized lock case

Next Sola

Electronic cam lock key managed or code managed