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Noke Padlock

Noke Bluetooth Padlock - the smart padlock you unlock with your phone

No key - no problem

Mobile phone as key                                          

Noke is a smart padlock, no key and combination required. 
Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.









No key or combination required

Noke automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Instead of fumbling for keys, simply walk up to your Noke, press the shackle, and instantly access your possessions. The Bluetooth reading range can be adjusted in the app.








Weather resistent and robust

Noke is built for anywhere and everywhere you might want to use a lock. This is why the battery, all buttons and sensors are stored internally and protected with silicone O-rings to keep water and dust from penetrating into the electronics compartment and damaging your lock. It is also made to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -23°C to 65°C. The shackle is made of boron-hardened steel. Noke padlock uses the latest in anti-shim technology so you can safely and securely lock your possesions.






The App - Functions


Share your locks with friends. Easily share and revoke access to your locked items Secify the day, time, location, and duration of access.








The history tab lets you monitor where, when and by whom your locks were accessed. 

Location history

View map of where your Noke has been accessed. Great for tracking items in transit, including your kids. 









Unlock with Quick-Click

If your phone is ever lost, broken, or dead, the Quick-Click feature is your reliable back-up plan.
When you first receive your Noke, you will set up a unique combination of short and long clicks on the shackle. Then, if it ever becomes necessary to open your lock manually rather than via Bluetooth, you can use your custom Quick-Click code for instant access to your lock. 










Unlock with Bluetooth key fob

Not everyone uses a smartphone or takes their phone with them everywhere they might want to use Noke. For this reason, an optional Bluetooth key fob is available for purchase as an additional way to open Noke without a smartphone or Quick-Click code. The key fob allows you to unlock your Noke exactly as you open your car doors. 








Easy battery replacement

When the shackle is in the unlocked position, the back of Noke can be easily removed for quick and convenient battery replacement. No tools or equipment are required.
The Noke is a packed with a long-lasting battery that will last over a year of regular use. It uses a standard CR 2032 watch battery found nearly everywhere. 









In the unlikely event that battery dies while locked, Noke can receive a jump-start using an external battery, to give you access to the internal battery or charger. 



Technical data

Bluetooth: 4.0
Material: metal housing with 8mm shackle made of boron-hardened steel
Protection class : IP66
Operating temperature range: -23°C bis 65°C
Weight: 308 gram
Battery: CR 2032 coin cell battery
Battery life time: over one year
Data security: PKI technology and cryptographic key exchange protocoll
Device compatibility: 
    - iOS: iPhone4s or newer
    - Android: Devices with BT 4.0 or higher running Android (4.3) or higher
    - Windows Phone: Device with BT 4.0 and Windows 10 or higher






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