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Window Gear Lock

JuNie has developed a locking solution against unauthorized opening of new windows during the construction phase. 

Windows are often installed in new buildings without handles to prevent unauthorized opening. During the construction phase, craftsmen nevertheless repeatedly use simple square keys to transport material through the windows. This can damage the new windows, resulting in not inconsiderable costs.
JuNie has developed a solution for this: The square drive is secured by the window gear lock after the new windows have been installed, so that unauthorized opening is no longer possible.


Technical features:

  • Removal of the lock by tools is not possible, as it is flush with the window profile.
  • A knurled pin ensures that the lock cannot be twisted in the profile.
  • The key profile is not available from locksmiths.
  • Additional keys only after presentation of the security card to JuNie.
  • Each key is uniquely traceable: Customer logo on key with consecutive key number.
  • Different key profiles possible.
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