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Cylinder cam lock for lockers

Our new cylinder cam lock in a simple and modern design is 100% made in Germany, so we can guarantee short lead times. 

8570 Cylinder cam lock for lockers

  • short version, up to 12 mm material thickness
  • Fixation with nut or holder clip (1 mm and 4 mm material thickness)
  • Metal nickel plated with external thread
  • Cam movement 180°
  • without wafer cylinder
  • alternativ also with fixed wafer cylinder available, codes compatible with system Furore

8538 Wafer cylinder System Furore

  • interchangable wafer cylinder metal system Furore
  • 5 disc tumblers
  • 2.400 key codes available
  • Option: General masterkey system
  • Rose, 2 reversible keys

8570 Cylinder cam lock, long

  • extended version for wodden furniture
  • up to 25 mm material thickness

Available from July.

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