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numeris Aspire

Keypad and RFID locks with motorized deadlock or latch lock case

Lock types

numeris Aspire locks are available with keypad or RFID-reader, in standard design or vertical design, with ot without pull. 


User credentials

Users operate with either a self-selected 4-7 numeric user code or an user key.
RFID credentials are based on Mifare 13,56 MHz technology and include cards,key fobs, adhesive labels, and bracelets. 


Shared use
In shared use functionality, the locks are designed for day-use lockers.
The user chooses an available locker and operates it with a user credential.
Once the locker is vacated, it becomes available for a different user. 
Assigned use
In assigned use functionality, the locks are designed for ockers that are for private use for up to 20 unique users simultaneously.
The users are assigned a locker and operate it with their assigned user credential.


Lock mechanism


Features a 12.7mm motorized deadbolt designedf or either shared or assigned use functionality. 
Features a 12.7mm motorized deadlatch designed for assigned use functionality.


numeris Aspire locks are surface mounted.
The front unit connects to the locking mechanism via a snap lock cable connector that tucks neatly into an integrated cable pocket.
The mounting design accommodates a door thickness of up to 50.8mm.



Programming and management access are accomplished via patented electronic keys.
An optional mobile application allows simplified lock management and audit trail. 




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