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System ILS

Premium furniture locks with pin tumbler cylinders - durable, flexible, complex master key systems possible

The locking system for high securty demands

  • Interchangeable cylinders with pin tumblers in different types, lengths and diameters
    with up to 136,000 different keyings,with keyed alike cylinders or with 3 levers
  • All ILS cylinders with pin tumblers available in master key systems with security card
  • Complex master key systems possible using a range of different key profiles in combination with up to 6 pin tumblers
  • Possibility to integrate security cylinder with trademark key profile
  • Rotating knobs with/without lock function or fixed knobs can be integrated by 7mm square
  • Various locks - dead and latch locks, espagnolette and basquill dead lock -) with different and adjustable backset (16 to 40 mm) and suitable for all directions (right, left, down)
  • Central locking devices
  • Cylinders and locks for different door thickness and types of material (wood, steel, glass, plastic)
  • Different finishes match the design of the furniture
  • Espagnolette locks for divided profile rods diameter 6 mm (6/5) or diameter 8 mm (8/7)
  • All lock types can be integrated into existing JuNie-System by 7mm square or combination cylinder


wherever high levels of security or large masterkey systems are required, e.g. in large administrations, banks or hospitals.                                                                 

           Pin tumbler cylinder 7638                                                       Dead lock 1781

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